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Seamless1 Clip-In Hair Extensions
Seamless1 Clip-In Hair Seamless1 clip-in hair extensions are now available at Salon Style.  Renowned for their high-quality workmanship, use of real human hair and extensive range of colours.   These hair extensions are listed as double drawn, making them a great choice if the look you are after is that of volume and glamour. Double drawn means that from a bundle of hair the majority of shorter hairs are removed and replaced with the same length of longer hairs. So from root to tip the hair extensions are the same thickness. As the hair extensions are very thick right ..
GHD Platinum Styler for Healthier, More Stylish Hair
When looking for a straightener you want one that is going to protect your hair, scalp and boost hair growth.  The award winning GHD Platinum Styler offers you more flexibility and control while minimizes hair breakage.The GHD Platinum Styler features patented, cutting-edge tri-zone technology that provides ultimate styling result every time for healthier, shinier and stronger hair. Some of the features and benefits of the GHD Platinum Styler include:No Splitting, Breakage, or Hair DamageUnlike other hair stylers that rip through and pull out your hair while using them, the GHD Platinum’s..
Alpha-H Daily Essential Vitamin Mist & Essential Cleansing Balm
Benefits of Alpha-H Daily Essential Vitamin Mist & Alpha-H Essential Cleansing BalmIs your skin dry, freaking out, or cracking? Do you have rough and wrinkled skin? Are you afraid of ageing quickly? Preventing and delaying the effects of extrinsic ageing has been a desire for countless women in our modern world. The new Daily Essential Vitamin Mist & Essential Cleansing Balm are the perfect fit.New from Alpha-H, the Daily Essential Vitamin Mist is an incredible skin care serum made from natural ingredients including Vitamin E, sea buckthorn and rose hip that provides your skin needed n..
The New Muk Curl Stick Collection
Introducing the Muk Curl Stick Collection which includes their award-winning Curl Stick and six interchangeable barrels.  Why buy one curl stick when you can have them all.  Create the desired curls you want, anytime, whatever your hair type. From bouncy curls, to soft waves and deep luscious waves.   The pack contains the following barrels:9-19mm conical barrelFor creating tight, structured curls and spirals19-25mm conical barrel Creates medium curls and movement25mm straight barrel Creates soft, flowing, bouncy curls28-22mm wedge barrelOffers the ultimate in styling versa..
Best Hair Products for Winter
Best Hair Products for Winter Winter is here which means hair can start to look dry and dull with frizz setting in and ends starting to split.  Below is a range of our best products that will help combat the winter blues. Redken All Soft Shampoo A gentle cleanser with argan oil that softens hair that has become dry and brittle leaving it manageable and shiny. Davines Oi Absolute Beatifying Conditioner This Conditioner gives hair extraordinary softness, shine and body while protecting it from damage. Alterna Caviar Moisture Masque An intensive treatment that..
No Inhibition
No InhibitionNo Inhibition is the latest new and exciting styling range now available at Salon Style.  Brought to us by the same Company as Milk_Shake, No Inhibition styling products are easy to use, versatile and innovative. Made in Italy the entire range has been inspired by the greats of Hollywood cinema to be sophisticated and elegant and allow you to create the same inspired looks at home. The classy and stylishly designed packaging combined with  the intricate fragrances that develops over time set this range apart from more mainstream styling ranges.Created using the hig..
Top 5 Sea Salt Sprays
Our Top 5 Sea Salt SpraysLast chance to practice your beach waves before the summer heat officially ends with our Top 5 Sea Salt Sprays. Get some gritty, messy texture with one of our favourite products that will leave you tousled, messy and gorgeous!1. Davines More Inside This Is A Sea Salt SprayA styling spray made of sea salt that gives hair fullness and body with a matte finish for a beach look. 2. Pure Sea Salt SprayA sea salt spray that creates texturized waves for a messy undone look.  3. Juuce Sea Air MistA hair styling spray for natural. touchable beach textured hair wi..
Skin Brightening
There’s been a lot of talk over the years about skincare products that brighten the skin but what exactly does this mean? Brightening products generally work by either blocking the production of pigment or helping to lift pigmentation out of the skin. Skin brighteners are used by people for three main reasons.  Firstly, people who suffer from inflammation of the skin caused by an irritation or injury, such as acne or bumps.  This causes cells to release pigment and stain the skin. Secondly, people who have develop dark spots which are caused by exposure to the sun.&nbs..
Tis the Season to Start Tanning
JBronze by Jennifer Hawkins has hit the shelves just in time for summer.  Get a fabulous glow with her new and exciting range of tanning products and these great tips. Choose the right formula and shade.  Lotion, Spray or Mousse? Lotions are the most moisturising option but can be hard to apply as they have no tint which means you have to take care not to miss any areas. Gels come with a visible tint and are easy to apply but they must be worked in quickly before they set and may leave skin feeling dry. Sprays are great for topping up your tan but are generally no..
Repairing Dry Hair
Has winter left your hair feeling dry and brittle?  Constant exposure to cold air and artificial heating can strip the hair of moisture.  If your hair feeling depleted, fear not, we can put back what the winter months have taken out.  Below is a list of tips and products that will help restore your hair ready to welcome spring and warmer temperatures.Start by using a shampoo that moisturises and repairs hair. Davines NouNou Nourishing Shampoo or Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Moisturizing Lathering Shampoo are both popular choices.Wash your hair less to help buil..
Styling Products for Guys
Get to know what styling products are available for men and discover which is best suited for you. Gel If you’re looking for a wet, sleek look then gel is the product for you.  It offers high hold and high shine, giving hair a sculpted hold that stays in place all day long. Generally you’ll apply gel to towel tried hair. Gel is versatile as it can be reworked by wetting your hands and running them through your hair later in the day. Our best-selling gel is Juuce Sumo Grip. Creams Styling creams or pastes are lightweight ..
Keratin - what is it and how does it work?
Keratin is a word that gets thrown around a lot in the hair care industry but how many people actually know what Keratin is and what it does?   The very simple answer is that keratin is a protein that forms the major component in skin, hair and nails. Specifically to hair, keratin works on the inside and outside of hair to keep it strong and healthy.  Externally it works by protecting the outer layers of the hair (the cuticle) while internally it provides structure to the hair’s inner core (the cortex).However, over time hair can lose keratin due to physical, chemic..
Kevin Murphy Repair-Me
Kevin Murphy has recently launched a new repair range to their line up to help restore strength to damaged hair. The Kevin Murphy Repair-Me range is a three part system that works together to restore hair to its ultimate health.  Each product contains the superfood Green Pea Protein which is rich in Amino Acids that intensely nourish and replenish hair.Repair-Me.WashThis shampoo reconstructs hair using powerful proteins from Bamboo and Silk Amino Acids.  It strengthens hair while gently removing impurities. This shampoo is Sulphate and Paraben Free, nourishing, r..
Hair Bond Strengthening Systems - Saving Hair
Whether known as a bond multiplier, bond perfector, bond creator, bond sustainer or bond enhancer this latest system in hair care technology is literally saving hair from being over processed and is also capable of reversing damage that has already been done. Bond strengthening systems are all about being able to colour your hair without fear of damage.  It is especially beneficial for girls with highly processed blonde hair or who are looking to dramatically change the colour of their hair.  By using a bond strengthening system hair breakage is dramatically reduced a..
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